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Does My Teen Need To See A Psychotherapist?

As teenagers grow up, they tend to go through a myriad of issues that make them feel confused and disorganized such as stress associated with academics, relationships, physical changes among may other issues. These are issues that may require your teen to go for therapy so that they can be able to cope and function optimally.

If you have been wondering if your teen should go for therapy, this article will help you gain insights on some of the reasons why psychotherapy is important for your teenager.

 Four Signs Your Teen Needs Therapy

  1. Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can make life hard for a teenager because he is at a developmental stage where he is expected to start going to high school, form new relationships and friendships. So, because of his desire to fit, he might avoid situations that will make him appear like a failure or situations that will make him feel embarrased. This lack of confidence can lead to anxiety, depression or isolation. In case of anxiety sings, we recommend the benefits of cbd medication, visit this page to learn more about the studies and reviews that prove this right.

Having said that, psychotherapy is important because it enables your teen to develop positive self esteem or positive feelings by encouraging him to change what he does not like about himself.

  1. Bullying

Bullying is a common problem among teenagers and a major reason why some teens are always afraid to go to school. If your teen has been a victim of bullying, it is important to note that bullying can be really hurtful and it can have adverse and long lasting  effects on your child such as lowered self esteem, self harm, suicidal thoughts, shame, anger, just to mention, but a few.

So, therapy would go a long way in helping your teen to open up and address his or her painful feelings in a safe and supportive environment. Therapy can also equip your adolescent child with assertiveness skills and confidence.

  1. Anixiety

Teens tend to get anxious a lot, and if your teen is suffering from excessive worry and stress, it can interfere with his emotional and physical wellbeing.  At times it can be very difficult to determine if your child is suffering from anxiety, but there are several symptoms that you need to be aware of such as preoccupation with self doubt and fear, persistent irritability, avoiding certain places and people, low self esteem, crying or snapping.

So, psychotherapy is important because it can equip your teen with coping skills that can enable him or her to deal with anxiety and stressful events.

  1. Self harm

Self harming behaviors among adolescents have become prevalent because many teens are struggling with intense levels of stress in their peer relationships, at school, and in their families. So, if your teen is cutting, burning, punching walls, or pulling out his hairs, he or she is probably experiencing emotional pain or distress.

So, a therapist can help your teen to develop coping mechanisms and strategies that can enable him or her to stop self harming behaviors. Therapy can also help your child to get to the root of what could be making him or her indulge in self harm.

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Teenage years can be quite difficult, and this can lead to emotional or behavioral disturbances among teens. As a parent, it is important that you take keen interest in finding out if your teen has some emotional or behavioral issues. In addition, it is important to note that a child who is affected does not have to be acting out negatively.

Having said that, if you notice your teen is affected, it is important that you refer him or her to a qualified therapist for guidance and counseling.

Does My Child Have Teen Anxiety : 5 Signs To Look Out For And How A Weighted Duvet May Actually Help

Are you worried that your teen could be suffering from anxiety? Well, children, particularly teenagers tend to get nervous or fearful because of various stressful events such as family conflicts or having to sit for an exam. Fear and nervousness caused by stressful events is normal, but if your teen is always getting nervous or troubled and he seems like he is unable to cope, he could be suffering from anxiety. In case it does, you might want to read the Incredible Things articles in regards cbd use to ease this condition. For generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says that CBD has been shown to reduce stress in animals such as rats. Study subjects were observed as having lower behavioral signs of anxiety. Their physiological symptoms of anxiety, such as increased heart rate, also improved.

What is Anxiety? 

Anxiety can be defined as a normal response that enables us to cope with complex or threatening situations. It can also be referred to as fear, panic or tension, and it is one of the most basic emotions that many people experience. IF you want to treat this condition with a natural medicine we recommend you the following link to buy CBD oil.

Fearful experiences vary in their severity and they can be classified as either mild anxiety or extreme terror and panic. The duration of a fearful experience also varies and it can be brief, constant or a day to day experience.

Having said that, your teen can be said to be suffering from anxiety if he suffers from recurrent fear or when he gets nervous or fearful because of situations that are not necessarily stressful.

By reading this article, you are going to gain insights on signs and symptoms that can help you determine if your teenager is suffering from anxiety.

5 Hidden Signs of Anxiety in Teens

It can be difficult to tell if your teen has anxiety. However, if your teenager has been experiencing the below symptoms on a regular basis, you may want to check with his doctor or therapist if he has anxiety.


  1. Sleep disturbances

Sleep disturbances range from inability to fall asleep or inability to stay asleep. These disturbances can be as a result of various health problems, but I am particularly interested in how sleep disturbance can be caused by anxiety. Therefore, if your child complains that he frequently finds himself awake, worried or nervous because of certain concerns or due to unspecified reasons, it could be due to anxiety. When this happens, you can provide him a weighted duvet from and see some positive changes as time goes by.

  1. Mood changes

It is normal for your teen to be sad or overjoyed on some days, but if such moods intensely interfere with your teen’s life he could be suffering from anxiety. Mood changes that could be buycbdproducts to anxiety include inability to concentrate, unexplained anger, irritability, restlessness, just to mention, but a few.

  1. Panic attacks

You will agree with me that panic attacks can be horrifying. Your child may be suffering from anxiety if he has been having scary physical symptoms such as a pounding heart, dizziness, chest pain, feeling cold or hot, numbness in the arms and legs, difficulty breathing, upset stomach, sweating or trembling.

  1. Physical changes

Anxiety can have serious effects on your child’s physical health. Excessive worrying can lead to recurrent headaches, pains, and aches. Other physical symptoms of anxiety include feeling fatigued, unexplained weight loss, gastrointestinal diseases, or a general feeling of unwellness.

     5.    Social changes

When fear becomes too much, it tends to trigger social anxiety. If your teen has social anxiety he may avoid engaging in school activities, or situations where he is likely to be under scrutiny. He may also worry a lot whenever he has to go to places with unfamiliar people.

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It is important to note that anxiety can remain hidden for a long duration of time before it is diagnosed. So, if you suspect that your adolescent child is suffering from anxiety which is clearly interfering with his academics, relationships, friendships and other daily activities, you might want to get an assessment from a licensed and experienced mental health professional.
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Dealing with Teen Depression: A Guide for Parents

Understanding Teen Depression

Many people tend to feel sad, and it is important to note that sadness is a normal part of life. Additionally, experiencing moments of sadness or low moods does not necessarily mean that you are depressed.  What’s more, it is important to note that your child can feel sad or have low moods because of having argued with a friend or parents, poor sleep, or even failing in a test.  It is also important to note that sadness never lasts and it often goes away immediately the situation that caused the sadness improves. However, when sadness persists, then it could be that your child is depressed.

Many teenagers tend to experience low moods over a prolonged duration, which makes them feel irritable, empty and annoyed.  It is important to note that when your teen child is depressed, he or she may lose interest in things he likes to do and may also look at life in a negative way. Other symptoms of teen depression are eating and sleep disturbances, alcohol and drug abuse, suicidal ideations, crying frequently, poor grades, social isolation, just to mention, but a few. If your teen child manifests one or more of these signs and symptoms, it could be depression.

It can be difficult to diagnose teen depression because of the perception that your child is just being delinquent or difficult. As a parent, it is imperative to note that depression is a serious psychological problem that can make your teen child to end his life. Depression can also affect your child’s thoughts, emotions, as well as behavior.

So, this article will help you gain insights on how you can deal with your teen’s depression.

What You Can Do As A Parent If Your Teenager Is Depressed

Being an effective parent does not entail doing one specific thing, and the following suggestions will definitely be helpful in dealing with your depressed teen.

  1. Encourage your teen to share with you how he is feeling and any thoughts that could be disturbing him. As he shares, it is important to show him empathy, love, kindness and support.
  2. Ensure that you listen to what your teen is telling you without being judgmental. Do not start criticizing him when he begins to talk.
  3. Recognize that whatever your teenager is feeling is real. So, avoid talking him out of his feelings.
  4. Ensure that you take any references, threats or attempts of self hurt seriously.
  5. Let your child know that depression can be treated.
  6. Take your child for treatment such as counseling and be supportive of the treatment suggestions given by the counselor.


Treatment Options for Teen Depression

It is important to seek treatment for your teen child so as to reduce symptoms of depression, as well as impairment.  Treatment also helps to shorten episodes of depression and to prevent it from recurring. The following are some of the treatment options that are available for your child:

  1. Psychotherapy

It is important to take your teen for counseling because it can help him to not only understand, but also accept what he is going through. Counseling also enables your child to learn more effective ways of coping with the symptoms of depression, as well as difficult circumstances.

For instance, interpersonal therapy enables your child to relate well with others in a way that does not interfere with his mood and self worth. On the other hand, cognitive therapy enables your child to have positive thought patterns, and to change behaviors and attitudes thereby improving his self esteem and his overall well-being.

  1. Medication

 Your child can take pills if he has severe or moderate depression. The pills are referred to as antidepressants and their work is to reduce symptoms of depression and to enable your child to function optimally. It is important to note that giving your child antidepressants will not make him become addicted to them.

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It is important to note that your teen child is likely to have bad moods once in a while, but depression is quite different and its symptoms often last for a long time. If depression is not treated, it can damage your child’s personality, which can lead to feelings of sadness, anger, despair, just to mention, but a few. So, as a parent, it is important that you take keen interest in helping your child recover from depression.

5 Things To Look For In Your Teen Therapist

Unhappy depressed teenager with face in hands sitting outdoor

When looking for a therapist for your teen, it is important to find one who will help your child to get full benefits from the therapeutic relationship. In other words, the therapist you choose will certainly determine if your teenager is able to deal with the problems he or she is facing.

Having said that, this article will help you gain insights on some important considerations that you need to keep in mind when choosing a therapist for your adolescent.

 Things to Consider When Choosing a Therapist for Your Teen

  1. Comfort and safety

You will agree with me that many people go for therapy when they are in their most vulnerable state and when they feel inadequate or incapable of doing things that they would love to do, which can be quite embarassing. Teens are no exception.

Therefore, your teen should be able to feel comfortable and safe with his or her therapist. As a parent, it is imperative to ensure that the therapist you choose for your teen isn’t going to hurt or ridicule your child, or tell him how horrible he is. Additionally, it is important to note that your youth can only start changing and growing when he or she is safe regardless of how uncomfortable the change may feel.

Your child should be able to trust the therapist in such a way that he or she  feels comfortable disclosing important information. What’s more, if you feel like your teen is not getting any help or improving by seeing that therapist, you should consider choosing another one.

  1. Expertise

It is important to take your teen to a therapist who has experience and expertise in dealing with youth or teenagers. What’s more, a therapist with experience in handling your teen’s specific issue will be in a better position to help and you are likely to see better outcomes for your child.

So, during your child’s first session, it is important that you ask questions regarding the therapist’s experience. Find out if he or she has helped teenagers with concerns similar to those of your child, the number of years the therapist has been in practice, and perhaps the last time they got to help a teenager with a similar concern.

  1. Nonjudgmental Attitude

One of the most important qualities you should look for in your child’s or youth therapist is a nonjugmental attitude. So, your teen’s therapist should be one who is able to validate your child’s feelings. In addition, the therapist should be able to not only connect to your adolescent child, but also understand him and show him some level of care.

So, if you take your teen for therapy and you happen to feel like the therapist is judging your child, then it is imperative that you address that issue immediately or just look for a therapist that you can trust.

Having said that, your teen’s therapist should have a nonjugmental attitude that enables your child to share his feelings, thoughts and experiences without been judged or criticized. The therapist should be able to offer your child unconditional positive regard, which means that no matter what your child shares, the therapist will still be able to regard your teen highly.

  1. Rapport

It is important to note that rapport is a good predictor of whether therapy will be successful. So, when you meet your teen’s therapist for the first time, you should be able to feel some level of trust, warmth, respect, or some chemistry. If you feel that there is no good therapeutic alliance or rapport, you might want to look for another therapist.

  1. Good listener

At times teenagers tend to feel like no one is listening to them, and you will agree with me that this statement is true to some extent. So, your teenager’s counsellor should be a good listener. What’s more, good listening skills can encourage your child to open up because he gets to know that he is been taken seriously.

Parting Shot!

Getting a good therapist for your teenager is an important process that can at times be very frustrating and confusing.  However, it is important to note that getting the right therapist for your teenager can really make a huge impact in your child’s life. So, it is my hope that this article will help you understand some of the things you need to look out for.
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