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Adolescent Therapy

Prior to beginning his career as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Mike Daniels spent twelve years working as a high school teacher and athletics coach.  His work in the public schools of North Carolina provided him with unique insight into the challenges faced by adolescents.  He understands how to connect with adolescents and how to help them develop the skills needed to navigate the difficult teen years.

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Daniels has worked with adolescent clients ranging from pre-teen through college-age.  He has conducted individual, family and group therapy with middle school, high school and colege students.  He has worked with early and middle adolescents (ages 12-17) in community mental health and private practice settings.  His work with older adolescents (ages 18-22) has occurred in private practice settings and during his time spent working in the college counseling centers at UNC Greensboro and UNC Charlotte.

Dr. Daniels has expertise addressing a wide range of adolescent mental health difficulties including: social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic disorder,  phobias, depression, AD/HD, difficulties with self-image, coping with family conflict, academic stress, relationship and sexual health, and issues related to transitions from middle to high school and from high school to college.  In his clinical work Dr. Daniels uses a combination of strategies from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy to help adolescentsrecognize and apply the strengths they possess to  achieve their goals.

After several visits, Dr. Daniels was able to figure out that his problems came from being nervous and holding a lot of his anxiety and fears inside. Dr. Daniels showed him how to control the anxiety through certain exercises and breathing techniques. Once my son learned how to focus his mind on what was happening, he was able to recognize the fears and anxiety when it was happening to him and eventually, just before it happened. He now had the gift of being able to recognize that the anxiety was coming, focus on it, and then let it go. A realization that he came to himself during a baseball game and when it happened, he could not wait to tell me. Suddenly, he no longer had that look about him before a big game that he used to get — like his life depended on it — win or lose! He actually just played and had fun! At school, his grades began to improve and he smiled more and he laughed more and thank goodness – he ate more! His appetite came back and I recognized what Moms of teenage sons would say — your grocery bill will never be the same! Well, that’s some advice I actually was willing to believe!

Adult Therapy

During his doctoral training at UNC Greensboro, Dr. Daniels worked in a research lab specializing on adult depression.  He also focused much of his graduate clinical work treating adults with anxiety and depression.  In his post-graduate career, Dr. Daniels has worked with adult clients in multiple clinical settings including community mental health, psychological private practice and psychiatric private practice.

Dr. Daniels has expertise treating a wide range of adult mental health concerns including depression, post-partum depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, panic disorder with and without agoraphobia, anger management, AD/HD, adult Asperger’s disorder, men’s issues, career stress, family and marital conflict, and adjustment disorders.

Dr. Daniels is trained as a Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) therapist.  He also has expertise in third wave behavioral techniques including: ACT, DBT, and Mindfulness-Based CBT.  He combines strategies from these treatment approaches to help clients learn to accept their negative thoughts and emotions.  He also focuses on helping clients to focus their attention on thoughts and behaviors that will help them achieve their goals and increase their life satisfaction.

Dr. Daniels really helped me realize what my emotions really meant and helped me learn to deal with them appropriately. I really enjoyed working with him and learning all the different strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety. Overall, He’s a great person to go see and is very effective with his methods.

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